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Name:Brienne of Tarth
Location:The Riverlands, Westeros
Brienne of Tarth is from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. The icon of her used here is by quickreaver. She appears here solely for the purpose of roleplaying in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit is being made. She is based on the book series, not the TV show Game of Thrones. If you're playing a character from the show, and you want to work out how to play your character's relationship with book-Brienne or a Brienne-related plot point, please feel free to send me a private message at this journal and we can talk about it!

Brienne is 19-20 years old. Appearance-wise, she's over six feet tall, bulky, and muscular. She's often taken for a man by people who only see her build and height. However, her face, which is considered extremely ugly by her society's standards, nevertheless usually tips people off that she's a woman. So does her longish blond hair. She also has large blue eyes.

She comes to Milliways from the point in A Feast For Crows (Book 4) when she is staying overnight on the Quiet Isle. She's the only child and heir of a minor lord, Lord Selwyn of Tarth. She lives in a society based loosely on medieval Europe, where it is unusual for women to be trained at arms. Brienne, however, has learned how to fight with a sword and other weapons, and is extremely skilled at it. She is an idealist and a dreamer who places an enormous value on honor and chivalry. She models her behavior on the code of chivalry supposedly (hardly ever actually) followed by knights in her world, even though as a woman, she can't ever be a knight.

At this point in her story, Brienne is trying to find and protect the fugitive Sansa Stark at the behest of Sansa's mother, Lady Catelyn.

The player can be found at [personal profile] bobbiewickham--dead journal, but it works for PM purposes.
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